Historically, the Beja people were self-sufficient nomadic camel herders who lived in the Red Sea hills in Egypt, Sudan, and Eritrea. The five Beja tribes lived in this area for thousands of years, generally untouched by surrounding cultures or empires. (See the video on the Beja People below).
beja women


The Beja have a simple outdoor lifestyle, an oral culture, and distinct male and female roles. Men often wear a dark vest over a long robe, the women wear colorful dishdasha. They practice folk Islam. A very few have become followers of Jesus Christ.



The Beja people traditionally have not been involved with modern politics, until the mid-1950's when the Beja Congress was created to attempt to bring attention to, and shed light on, the difficult situation in east Sudan to national government leaders. It was also a self-help charity. All lobby groups in Sudan were banned in 1958.

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