About us

Beja Friends is a coalition of people in North America and elsewhere who believe God loves the Beja people of the Red Sea hills, Red Sea coast and all over the world. We have committed ourselves and our social networks, such as churches and non-profit organizations, to find multiple ways to help the Beja people. We support literacy, education, and medical programs to let Beja people know how special they are to God and to us. We believe that not only do we have something to offer the Beja people, but they also have something to offer us in their incredibly rich ancient culture and tradition of deep friendship.

This website is a clearing house for things every Beja Friend should know. We hope it is a place Beja will feel welcome to share their thoughts and prayers, where connections develop between people of faith, where friendships are made, and cross-cultural understanding is fostered. We want it to be a place where the Kingdom of God is clearly seen to include the Beja.